A Retired Dancer

Photo by Thiago Matos on Pexels.com
A ballet dancer
looks at herself in the mirror
as a matter of fact
a check on reality

a retired
ballet dancer--facts change
is that really me
in the mirror
the front or the back

bring out 
the bike
the scales
take a walk
retard--the old bastard of time

some say 
lucky to be alive at our age
and furthermore--
never want to be 
twenty again

I sit here
chin rests upon my hand
in thinker pose
wondering--a fair trade
wisdom for youth??
Genie Nakano
originally published in Atlas Poetica, editor M. Kei: number 13 Autumn 2012

Breath Meditation

                        Photography by  Genie Nakano, somewhere in Iceland
Past and present
merge into my life
future is imagined
what is reality
breathe  in    breathe out
Genie Nakano, Sunday  Sept. 6, 2020

Burrowing Deep…A Hybrid Survives

Photo by: Genie Nakano, Somewhere in Iceland

A Tanka Response beginning with Genie Nakano from Los Angeles, CA, United States and Gerry Jacobson from Canberra, Australia–Australia’s Capital.
Gerry’s tanka are italicized.

Governor declares
our city is in drought
in the falling rain
happy I don't believe 

oh there's 
carbon in the air
and the levee is dry
for the climate 
is a changin'

oh, sky don't cry
trees that look up to you
are dying 
from your tears
that drop the acid rain

ribbon gum next door
attacked by chainsaws-
I leave the house
and dull the pain
with tea and cake and poetry

keeps the insane, sane
after I'm underground
I'll have no use for words
earth churns winter into spring

out of tombs 
and sepulchers
the wildwood grows
forgotten griefs

blown to foreign lands
burrowing deep 
into black lava sands
a hybrid survives

Australian airman
'neath English turf
"greater love hath no man"

pulling me down
the cries of living ghosts
with war and bombs
sets the earth on fire

by broken glass
my playground
rubble and ruin
the bomb sites of London

ashes, ashes
on fallen snow
the mulberry tree
blooms again
nature changes -- never dies

crunching frost
in the glow of dawn
and the full moon
hanging out up there
with Jupiter and Venus

Genie Nakano, and Gerry Jacobson--a collaboration.

First published 2016 by
GINNINDERRA PRESS PO  Box 3461 Port Adelaide SA Australia

Gerry Jacobson In a past life, he worked as a geologist.  Now he travels to visit grandchildren in Sydney and Stockholm writing tanka in the cafe's of those cities.  Gerry also composes 'tankaprose, which has been published in journals including Haibun Today and Atlas Poetica.  His recent chapbook, Dancing with Another Me, celebrates his resurrection as a dancer.


Photo by Jonathan Borba on Pexels.com
  I try to keep up and optimistic but these are very trying times and I've had some dismal thoughts. Writing always keeps me from falling off the edge. So here goes another one....
It's too much
on to another life, 
she said
as she pointed
the gun to her head

she forgot
the rule of Theravada rebirth
but the pain
was too much
and it was too late

in another body
a new rebirth
she recalled another life
cried and gasped

turned upside down
smacked on her bottom
it was cold
when before it was warm
in the room of the womb

not ready
for a new journey of life
her bottom
red and bruised
as she lay gasping for air

this is the path
no heaven above
or hell below
I am not a god, Buddha said
I am merely awake

what thoughts
run in darkened chambers
against the prison
of my dismal mind

it's time
for a comedy--switch channels
the mystic screen
follow that mocking bird

he mocks me
with his bird brain
flies away
into the setting sun
another day -- tomorrow

take a bath
and wash the grey away
the golden sun
is sinking fast
soon it will be night

be glad
I can feel the pain and sorrow
to be --
or not to be
there is no question

the moon will rise
my heart is beating
rattling against my bones
scratching the cage
surrounding my heart

all supporting
working in synchrony
my body is old yet strong
looking out
for red hummingbirds
Genie Nakano, August 30, 2020

Photo by Chris F on Pexels.com

“Set me free”

into my present
past memories
regretful actions
only I can remember

thoughts of oblivion
cloud my heavy head
the rain 
keeps pouring  
pouring pouring  down

the witch 
is drowning and can't escape
she promises
for change and grow
so many lives have passed

is forming pyramids
stalk unpaved streets
u turns  dead ends  barricades

where is
the god of happiness
for all the world
I'm trying, Lord I'm trying

going over 
the edge 
nothing to catch me
when I fall

a promise
is needed - even soft hopes
tell me
there's a heaven 
and no hell

loving kindness
meditations, mystic chants
say them
give me a break
forgive and let go

heal the scars
fix the broken pieces
press enter -- no return
this life is more than enough
set me free
Genie Nakano, August 30, 2020
Photo by Aline Nadai on Pexels.com

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