A baby boomer, born May 15, 1948. Just beginning my elder years and loving it.

I was born in Boyle Heights East, Los Angeles, California. I am a performer, award-winning photographer, life long dancer, yoga and meditation instructor.

I have a masters degree in dance from UCLA.

The five lined poetry of tanka (which originated in Japan 1,600 years ago) and stream of consciousness are my preferred modes of writing–tanka gives form to my work, and stream of consciousness sets me free. I have three books of poetry on Amazon.Com–“Enter the Stream”, (Haibun), “Storyteller”, (Tanka) and a tanka/coloring book, “Colorful Lives”.

I’m new to blogging–just got my wordpress blog this weekend–January 10, 2020. I have a lot to share but I’m not too computer-literate so it will take sometime to navigate. In the meantime–having a great time exploring and reading all the great artists who like my site. WordPress is an amazing learning center.

I welcome your comments and questions on my blog or email me:



photo of Genie by Mayeli
photo of Genie by Mayeli

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