Pointing to the Moon

Once upon a time
I was in a dancer's body
high kicks and splits
on the count of one two three
finger pointing to the moon

tell it like it is
rheumatoid sets in
with carbon steel hips
the cards fall this way
     now     deal

at the airport
my hip replacement
triggers alarms
so much attention
for all the wrong reasons

even in my dreams
flight is not easy
arms beat the air
heavy legs drag
until the silk veil lifts
          Genie Nakano
 Published, Wings on a Silk Veil. Available on Lulu.

Note: Finger pointing to the moon is a Buddhist metaphor. The moon represents knowledge and enlightenment. However, the finger or a person pointing to the moon is not the moon. 

Aliso Villager ~~a haibun & Cherita

under Aztec skies
a California sushi roll

I was born in Boyle Heights, California, Aliso Village Housing Projects.

Aliso Village: 1942 – demolished in 1999 one of the most impoverished areas of Los Angeles – and considered one of the last remaining slums. Wikipedia

(shrugs shoulders) We didn’t have computers and couldn’t afford a television. So I ran around the play grounds in a red cowgirl skirt with white fringe and cap gun six shooter wrapped around my hips. I never got in any trouble. All that cowgirl practice made me a good dancer

No pony for Christmas
instead I lasso
the stars

originally published in Contemporary on line Haibun, 2012
Printed in Enter the Stream, Haibun and Tanka Tales, 2013
available on Amazon

Los Angeles River~~ a Cherita

a childhood walk
holding hands
when the river was full

buttered tortillas
how I long for them
instead of rice

yellow sunshine
from my fingers

Los Angeles River
I came back
to remember
Genie Nakano


no legs~~ cherita 1

I’m a fish out of water

throw me
back into the sea

I’ll swim backwards
into the time
before I had legs

My Lover Cherita 2

my lover was a drummer

he held my rhythm
in his hands

we lost the melody

Genie Nakano

Photo by Rev. Lisa j Winston on Pexels.com

Genie Nakano

Firebird~~a story of healing

Dancing in the night
Dancing in the dark
Dancing in the day
   Dancing in the light

My mother told me when I was three    
Firebird by Stravinsky was my song
with arms spread out in wings
spinning round and round and round
              I danced                   
until I fell to the ground
drunk with dizziness 

so I've danced all my
a religions that keeps me growing going
all stopped
when I inherited Mom's disease
it sunk into my joints
ate away my bones,
sockets,fingers and knees
no more walking straight ahead

screaming at the world
tapping with my cane
healers took my money...
"just take this potion
take this herb
this needle through your hips and knees
       don't trust doctors, just believe
you'll be fine again"

my husband sees 
but doesn't believe
we fight, I scream, we fight
no never, I won't give up
that is ...
until I see his tears
please believe in doctors please   
he says

I will   I do     I am
with two hip replacements
and western medicine
a yogini I dance again
no more gran jetes,
or drop down splits
yet still I move and dance
to salsa rhythms
as serotonin flows into my blood
75 ain't so bad

as I journey inwards
writing is my new love
deeper and deeper we share our words
maybe you and I can dance our poems
here’s my poem to you …
dance with me
our words, our voices
will be the musics
speak them loud and clear
press into each other
around into each other
London bridges
here we come
just a thought
just a daydream
maybe not
just a chance

why not

Genie Nakano, 1 22 23 10:23 AM

a tanka:

come dance with me
in the morning light
this is your only chance
the wind is at our heels
let’s leap above the gusts

genie nakano

A Valentine dance

re-blogging for today — Valentines day February 14, 2023

I have a dream
where no secrets lie between us
intimacy our perfume
laughter is our music
love our key of C
in the glow of moon light
we forever tango

Eternity or hill top view
with rolling fields of memories
the grapes of wrath have settled
the wine of life
pours sweet and savory
let's make a toast to vintage, now and ... 
all those years
Genie Nakano
Photo by Marko Zirdum on Pexels.com


2 valentine poems

number 1

i search for a song
to partner with for our dance
multilayered rhythm’s
ignite fast smooth foot work
minor chords the wind

i hear the music
of a seven forty-seven-8 jet
wings slice sky
as my toes tap salsa
Orchestra de La Luz*

Photo by Marko Zirdum on Pexels.com

at last, the song
I choose for me and you
rhythms drip
with slow sensuality
arms spread in Mariposa

we’ll fly into the sky
our souls will be free …
all the steps we’ve practiced
will surely take us there.

number 2

I have a dream
where no secrets lie between us
loyal and true
intimacy is our perfume
laughter is our music
love our key of C
in the glow of moonlight
we forever tango
is our hill top view
with rolling fields of memories
the grapes of wrath have settled
the wine of life pours savory and sweet
lets make a toast to vintage 2008
it’s been a very good year (an oldie — 2008)

*orchestra de la luz –a Japanese salsa musical group
*mariposa is a salsa step/embrace with arms spread like a butterfly.

Floating on Air~~a tanka response with Genie Nakano and Dean Okamura

for valentines

Genie Nakano

this tanka response will be published in November, 2022 in Better than Starbucks on lineā€¦check it out. A wonderful on line journal with an array of different styles of poetry and stories. We are proud to be there!

Floating on Air

the only Nihongo I know
brings the clang
of glasses filling the space
while I am spinning on air  Genie

she waits in the dark
while he rushes through
crowded alleys
patrons praise the chef
they consume a fiery feast        Dean

was it him 
or the splendor of the night
that lured me
into his warm embrace
a night of pas de deux            Genie

adrift in the blues
a roller coaster of smooth dips
syncopated hips
shaking until we come loose
floating thought the moonlight   Dean

music fills the air
wild moths drawn to the flame
out of darkness
into the burning light
we dance into timelessness         Genie

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