catch a moment…

I want
to be nobody for now
watch the sky
turn colors
while sipping tea

then somebody
pops in again
and screams for more
haven’t got much time left
gotta gotta gotta

what’s the hurry
let the breeze catch me

pieces of my mind
the wind echos


Genie Nakano, December 4, 2021, revised

My hands: photo by mark


Money money money
How much do you make
How much do you take
beads, sugar and spices
let’s trade with good will

Ask a person
how much money do you make
it’s unpresidential
or “how old are you”
impolite–crude and crass

My income–
Retirement–450 dollars a month
Social Security
It’s all so boring and petty
I’m 73 and moving up

A billionaire friend of mine
asked what’s this issue about money
can we travel
on higher ground and–
don’t let your dog poop on my lawn

It’s only money
lying, dying, crying
a paper moon
let’s stir a melting pot

A stranger came to town
claiming he could make stew
from a rusty nail
(a childhood story I recall)
then everyone pitched in…

Onions, garlic, scallions from one
potatoes from another
one small carrot
wild herbs growing on the grounds
green beans, red beans, black beans, soy beans
yams, sweet potatoes, dried persimmons,
nasubi, daikon, mushrooms,
vintage bottles of sake
on and on and on
And then…

Endo San played taiko, Kamiya San played sanshin
the full moon grew brighter, fuller,
the singing, dancing, laughter grew bolder
the sky ripped wide open,
And then…

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Photo: by genie nakano of genie nakano, 11.15.21

I was born
with two strikes
against me
Asian and…
my mother didn’t like me

I wanted
to be golden
wear a curly
blonde crown of
 Shirley Temple locks

Into my teens
I streamed, oye
orale pues orale pues
I poemed my story
right on write on

became my call
I danced the moves
wore the hats
and sang off key

Now at 73
a hybrid a tribrid a unitard
something in between
a floating world
I was, will be, I am

genie Nakano,

meditation meltdown~~revised

you’ve been holding on
too long
pour it on
my droughtful mind.
Picking, poking
on myself
I’m alright
and so is he
I’m not a Buddha yet.
There’s more
to come out
of this cage
the Zebra goes first
then others follow
some crawl, some swim,
some even fly

Melting down
the yellow chakra
I care less and less
for what’s
out there
Just want to touch
those states of bliss
let them drip
through my fingers
then move on to…

I don’t know
sitting on
right now
in and out
drop the jaw
lift the chin
catch me
as I
circle the sun
free falls

Revised poem: November 14, 2021

Genie Nakano

armor ~~haiku

Melting the armor
off my shoulders…

Genie Nakano, November 8, 2021

Photo by Pixabay on

there are days like this…tanka series

Photo by Andrew Beatson on

there are days like this…

the weather
has changed to misty grey
held in check and global heat
is swept under cover

that is…
until the fires sweep again
strange things
happening to our air, waters, soil
stirring doubts at tea parties

why bear children
in a world that won’t
be around
much longer
so the prophets claim

I still have hope
I guess–maybe–who cares
let the future
take care of itself
I’m retired

sirens blow
every hour day and night
heart attack
robbery murder rape
play it louder–I’m deaf

for the aliens to come down
and teach us
show us humans
how to live another way

Genie Nakano, Sept. 5, 2018

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