Sun Flower

photo Sun Flowers: Raphael photographer
Sun Flowers
my mother was a painter, my father a poet, I danced into life...

I have 
a painting in the kitchen
unsigned, undated,
said to be my mother's

the flowers 
are big   bold   free
unlike her style
yet Auntie says...
"for sure, it's your mother's"

I stare
into their bright yellowness
Four   Bright   Suns
in a blue vase
makes me smile

I was twelve
when Mom left Dad and I
a young poet-man
lured her far away
1960--a brave choice back then

before she died
she told me she regretted
her decision...
the sun flowers tell
a different story

Genie Nakano, December 2, 2019

Quack quack…

Photo by Susanne Jutzeler on Pexels.com

I will follow you
everywhere and anywhere
in sickness, in health

My husband had two strokes in December. I want to let him know even tho sometimes I may be quick to quack I am there for him always.

Genie Nakano, 5.1.21

Loving Kindness Meditation

May we be loving and kind. oum shati, shanti, shanti, oum.

Genie Nakano

Photograph by Genie Nakano: ” My Gohansa” My Meditation Altar

To my meditation friends. This is the Loving Kindness chant we say before and after meditation. Metta keeps us happy, peaceful, free from suffering, harm, safe, loving and kind.

May I be well
          Happy peaceful and
          Free from suffering
                      May no harm come to me  
 May I be safe.
                    May I be loving and kind.

Loving Kindness MeditationMetta

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