Fat Brown Cat~~Meditation in Nowness

Cat: photographed by Genie Nakano

Meow Meow

Fat brown cat
licking your lap
what do you think
of this and that?

Hiss, spat!*#!
Don’t bother me

I’m being Now.

Genie Nakano, an oldie–can’t remember when…

fat brown cat: Photographed by Genie Nakano

Ecstacy in Stillness

Sitting in stillness
finding new ways to move
ecstacy in calmness

Breathe in, Breath out
Breath out, breathe in

The world is outer
the self is inner

The world is inner
the self is outer



All one in meditation.
Genie Nakano

Photo by NEOSiAM 2020 on Pexels.com


Ballet de la Lune

Lithographed by Genie Nakano
In a never ending
stream of consciousness
I try
to grab
a winter moon

sliding down  
a wave of shimmering light
entering a mist
where moonbeams shinedown
on my black hair

cravings and desires 
dance with in a restless mind
too much yin
and sleepless nights
make me pale and frail

I remember 
what my father said
my child
you need more yang
the earth between your toes

is what I want and need
obsession fills the air
with echappes and pirouettes 
I spin and spin away

Genie Nakano 
2/14/14  revised 11/21/20
originally published in Rafu Shimpo and "Storyteller" available on Amazon.Com

Civil War inside my head~~Tanka series

Photo by Clive Kim on Pexels.com
Civil War

This headache
won't go away
sunshine on my shoulders
only brings rays of pain

a civil war
inside my head
is it they or is it I?
take me up to "Pureland"*

the land
where Buddhas play
all day
in a golden bright story
fairytaled with loving light

I believe
the message echoed
from mountains
"The kingdom of god
is in the here and now"*

the mountain
so the tyrant claims
my country tis of thee
is erupting, spilling
lies, lies, lies and lies...

Genie Nakano, November 15, 2020
*Pureland -- Mahayana Buddhist Heaven
*Thich Nhat Hanh


Kannon is meditating–Genie is celebrating.

Genie Nakano

Hello World:
Today I received the International Tanka Journal No. 8, 2020 from Japan. My tanka series, Kannon is on page 15. Very happy! Today the news declared Biden is our elected President. Very, Very happy!!!


Kwan yin
stands poised in my backyard
a wall of
ficus grows behind her
purple flowers at her feet

her eyes cast down
in quiet meditation
an internal world
om mani padme hum.

in the quiet
of morning light
I look for you
to calm my eager spirit
sometimes you are hard to feel

a stone statue
where my hopes and dreams
are focused
loving kindness compassion
breaks hardness into softness

Kwan yin,
I know you are just an image
not real in terms of flesh
yet, deep within me
you are growing and alive
Genie Nakano, 1/18/20

*Kwan Yin, Bodhisattva, Avalokiteshvara

Photo: Genie Nakano, Kwan Yin in my Garden, 2.6/20

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A New World Sings

Photo by Gabriela Palai on Pexels.com

the train lost speed
and just plain stopped
got off and stood
staring at the tracks

mother cow
jumps over the old man
in the moon
milk spills everywhere
luna-tics start spraying silver bullets

deep in the forest
things settle into a snooze
while urban women
blare a new kind of music
you’ve got to hear it…

I can’t explain it
you just have to be here
dance and move
to a new formed rhythm
with a universal beat

dream it nor stream it
must be in real time,
Right now, right now
let a new world sing

Clickety clack
the train picks up the beat
just like that
the train
is back on track.

GEnie Nakano

I wrote this poem years ago (9-26-15) coming out of the doldrums and slight depression. I edited it “just a little” to complement the way I feel today. I’m coming out of sadness and back on track.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Toto in Rainbow Meadows

Toto our loving dog of 17 years died last week. My husband had just came home from being in the hospital for four days. He had a mini-stroke. Then Toto passed 4 days later– October 22, 2020. I haven’t been able to write since–fortunately our good friend Irene Furukawa wrote this lovely prose for Toto…

They love you oh so very, very  much, and are missing you terribly now.

You have gone to Rainbow Meadows.  All your hurting and pain are gone. You are perfect now.

Thank you Toto, for all the wonderful and marvelous everyday moments you spent and gave to your dear family.

Many of us relatives and friends of Hideki and Genie Knew and loved you.  
We will remember you with much love and affection.

Enjoy now your operfect life in Rainbow Meadows and know that your are loved by many here on Planet Earth.

Irene and Aki
Photos of Toto and Hideki by Genie Nakano

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