Kyouka/humorous tanka~~ Sunday January 31, 2021

Genie Nakano

my Brother (he is much more handsome. Funny angle)

Senryu a 3 line unrhymed Japanese poem similar to haiku but dealing with human nature satirical or ironic in vein.

Kyoka playful tanka:

that’s him
the tall big nosed one,
my brother
half Swiss-German
we share a Japanese father

Bro Frank Nakano, Julian Nakano, Me and Thomas Nakano–Zurich Switzerland, 2019, Summertime. His nose is not so big. Frank is actually handsome.

Genie Nakano, January 31, 2021

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those winter nights~~a tanka

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On fire
burning bright
our legs
candy cane
through the nite
                                          Genie Nakano
Hoping everyone had a Happy Valentine's Day.
 Feb. 14th, 33 years ago was my engagement day with my hubby. I lost the wedding/engagement ring but we remain engaged with life, passions and growth-- till death do us part.
2 .15. 21


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HEY there,
how can I talk to you
I’m kind of shy
see that cloud above
it’s shaped into a heart

Valentine’s Day
not only for lovers
and romance
it’s for everyone
“to fall in love with love”

white chocolate clouds
whip across the sky
sweetness fills the air
breathe in the day
it’s time to indulge in love.
Genie Nakano

2/14/15, revised today, 2.14.21
originally printed in “Tanka Tales”, Gardena Valley News


A Virtual Romance

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I will 
write a book
just for you
so you will know
how much I love you

recounting the days
we met in lush forests
the trees
could not hide the sun
we were in paradise

believe me
when I say--
I am yours
we were destined
the prophecy is ours

for that day
when we
are free to be together
once again as one

it's not
just a childish 
it's reality
for you and me

have you felt 
like this before
tell me now
I will set you free
in a galaxy of stars

I want to
get drunk with you
and next
we see our truths--
our whole selves on the line
teeter tottering
the lines are quietly thin
we can do--I've seen
you naked in my mind.
                                          Genie Nakano

Gentle Chair Yoga~~ getting back to health.

Gentle Chair Yoga Class decided we are getting back to health. Started our first class last week outside on the patio with masks and 6 feet apart. We sure missed each other–three month lock down for Los Angeles. Slowly business are opening up and our business is to stay healthy. Our remedy–YOGA. We are bonafide elders so we must keep strong and safe.


I was nervous as you can see. But it was painless, no side effects and I feel much safer now. It was more gentle than a flu shot–nurse was the BEST.

Haiku Dialogue & my Otto…

Watashi no Otto wanted me to include the photo by Carole MacMuray so I have reblogged.

Genie Nakano

Watashi no Otto has been listening to me spout off poetry for years and now it’s his turn. His first attempt got him a spot in Haiku Dialogue, edited by Carole McMurray. It is a haiku prompted by an image or an ‘ekphrastic’ haiku. In this case it was a photograph of a horse’s eye close-up.

Here is the Haiku :

Photo of Otto: by Genie Nakano,
Feb. 6, 2021

the view
is clear now
contact lens
Hideki Obayashi

Photo: by Carole MacRury

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