loves to be held…

there’s not much love
in me today
i don’t know why
until I hold
my little dog Bodhi
a funny little fella
16 pounds


found at the pound
15 years ago
He loves to be held
He loves to be kissed
He must be part human
He brings the dog part
of me that forgives
Genie Nakano, Oct. 2022, Sunday, photo of Bodhi by genienakano

Floating on Air~~a tanka response with Genie Nakano and Dean Okamura

this tanka response will be published in November, 2022 in Better than Starbucks on line…check it out. A wonderful on line journal with an array of different styles of poetry and stories. We are proud to be there!

Floating on Air

the only Nihongo I know
brings the clang
of glasses filling the space
while I am spinning on air  Genie

she waits in the dark
while he rushes through
crowded alleys
patrons praise the chef
they consume a fiery feast        Dean

was it him 
or the splendor of the night
that lured me
into his warm embrace
a night of pas de deux            Genie

adrift in the blues
a roller coaster of smooth dips
syncopated hips
shaking until we come loose
floating thought the moonlight   Dean

music fills the air
wild moths drawn to the flame
out of darkness
into the burning light
we dance into timelessness         Genie
Photo by Min An on

the simple life

napping in 
on an autumn afternoon
the simple life
snuggled with love 
Genie Nakano, October 14, 2022
Yozu the new addition to our family in red -- 9 months old
Bodhi the little one -- 14 year old. So much in love.
Persimmon tree in the garden--five years old.


My husband bought a clock for my birthday. It was made in Germany, 1892.
on the back an engraved handwritten note said:

this clock was given to Pearl Tatum by her third son to be passed on to her granddaughter Marinette Tatum which shall be given to her son Kholis H Mitchell.

Every 15 minutes it chimes a Big Ben sound. A silver fisheye pendulum swings side to side. We you look into the pendulum you see yourself and the whole room swinging.

Yas, the watchman, said:

in a week or so you won’t even hear it anymore.

But I hope that’s not true. I want to hear time slipping by.

74 years of living
my hair still black as night
Grandpa’s gift

*Tanjobi -Nihongo for Birthday.

 watashi no tanjobi
Published in Haiku Journal, Ireland, Fall, 2022, editor Sean O'Conner

I’m back ~~New work

Hi my friends and family. I went to Hawaii in August and never came back. Now back as fall brings light rain into my garden. The grasses all dead and brown. So I finally decided to put in fake grass and stones to preserve our future water source.

Anyway…I’ve got a few things published in the summer so posting them all today. Two tanka, one haibun a tanka response and a rengay. (won’t be posting the rengay but happy it was selected) Starting with the two tanka published in Britain, the habibun from Ireland and last the Tanka Response — Floating on Air–from my favorite place Better than Starbucks, USA will be on a separate post.

Photo by Rodrigo Souza on

Blithe Spirit Journal of the British Haiku Society

ocean waves
move with my breath
toes curl in wet sand
nothing in between
just heaven and earth

inside me
a tsunami crashing
white rabbits
frolicking on the waves
nothing is solid
Sunday August 7, 2022

The Haibun Journal, Tipperary, Ireland

Total Eclipse, a short story by Genie Nakano at presents: Total Eclipse, a short story by Genie Nakano, for whom writing tanka is her passion, joy, therapy and confession. It’s a Science Fiction/Fantasy story one of my favorites. Please read.

Source: Total Eclipse, a short story by Genie Nakano at


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