floating in air~~tan rengu

music fills the air
wild moths drawn to the flame...
out of darkness 
into the burning light
we dance into timelessness

       Dean Okamura and Genie Nakano 
Photo by tommy haugsveen on Pexels.com
This tanka is a tan rengu--written by two people. 
In Japan tan rengu was a popular form of writing hundreds of years ago and is resurging. 

Kwan Yin in my Garden

Kwan Yin
doesn't want
to hear 
my problems
any more

draped in silence
her lips in samadhi smile
now it's time
to pack my wisdom
and travel light

Genie Nakano, 5/1/22


Photo taken by my good friend Jim Brewer, 2007
When in meno-pause
wear gold and rhinestones
into sparkle and glam...
nothing is permanent

     Genie Nakano, 5/1/22

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