my camera~~quote Dorothea Lange

a camera is a
tool for learning how
to see without a camera.
     Dorothea Lange

Inspired by Goff James's Website on, Art, Photography and Poetry
The photos in the mirrors reflection were taken by Genie Nakano, lithographic process in cyanotype. A very old way of processing your film with sun rays-- an early morning self portrait--camouflaged by hair and glasses.

Droughtful written by Genie Nakano at presents: Droughtful written by Genie Nakano – I was born in Boyle Heights, CA…known as the barrios of East L.A.

Pour it on we need rain for our droughtful minds…..

Press on the Droughtful after Source:

Source: Droughtful written by Genie Nakano at Spillwords.comĀ  (Press on the Droughtful in blue in the source…)

Photo by Dave Ang on
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