my husband had two strokes
sometimes he doesn’t understand
my words
chatter chatter chatter
metaphors are a challenge

it’s hard on me
you have changed, I say
my patience
balancing on a thin wire
I practice walking on clouds

only in darkness
can we see stars shine
welcome the night…

words my husband spoke to me
when we were young

genie nakano

Starlight will be published in Ribbons a tanka Journal in the Spring of 2023, selected by Susan Weaver, editor of Ribbons.

Nothings Solid ~~free verse/tanka

Molecules spacing out
Wider, longer, deeper --
into air
light and sound go through me
I am invisible
yet I am here
can you hear me
like the wind
that can't be seen
only it's effects
the rustle of grass
leaves dancing in trees

inside me
a tsunami crashing
white rabbits
frolicking on the foam
nothing is solid

space wider, longer, deeper
I, no longer
a woman, a human
just space spacious space
beyond sky
spacing out...

Genie Nakano
October, 20017

His story…

A long time ago...perhaps 20 years ago
this little hummingbird sat in my dance studio
here is his portrait and story.

I had just finished rehearsing my solo dance when
I heard a little peep, peep.
I thought it was a sound coming from my speakers--
 so I searched and searched --
looked up and there he was sound a sleep.
I climbed on a ladder to get a better look.
I stroked his soft breast -- he wouldn't wake up.
So I offered him water and blueberries and left him alone. 
The next day when I returned -- he was gone.
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