Senryu Sunday~~1 .24.21

myself, I ask
many questions

above the clouds

under a sunroof
our first date
Genie Nakano

I am trying something new–senryu. I have experimented with haiku, haibun and renku. Now having fun with senryu.*

*Senryu: a 3-line unrhymed Japanese poem similar to haiku but treating human nature usually in an ironic or satirical vein. Merriam Dictionary

These 3 senryu were published this month in Failed Haiku edited by Michael Rehling online. Here are 3 failed haiku senryu. (what a name?!?)

Sensei says
haiku is always about love
I hate him

last nite
a man in the moon

stiletto heels
high school graduation

Genie Jeanne Nakano, 1 .10.21


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United States is having a rough time right now. I’m having a hard time writing–things don’t flow. Sometimes I feel good about our state — a change had to be– but other times I’m horrified. Here’s me trying to write….

Final Draft…..

Fog in the night


climb aboard

trust the sun

daylight soon

Genie Nakano
1 . 9 . 21

first draft…
on the trains tracks
fog in the air
mystery ahead
things getting better

second draft:
I can’t see
fog in the air
new pathways emerge

third draft:
fog in the air
heat rises –fog is lifting
we can get there
clickety clack
forage ahead

Which one do you prefer??? Why??? Thanking you in advance for responding.

To be continued…

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Over and over
searching seeking
not sure
if there is an answer
to a lost poem
All my gods
are falling down
is blowing everywhere
the sun is burning gas
Time drips by
one after the other
what day or night it is
when does eternity end
Just as
hope was budding
a zombie
plague transformed
into an “other”
this can’t be true
if fake news is a truth
make this
all unreal

(to be continued)
Genie Jeanne Nakano, 1/2/21

Reach for the Sky~~a Renku*

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Renku a traditional form of Japanese poetry of linked verse composed of the collaboration of 2 or more poets. Each participant displays his wit by spontaneously composing of a verse in response to the verse that came before. Wikepidia

Organized by David Lanoue professor of English Literature at Zavier University of Louisiana

barren branches
reach for the sky –
clouds open /Genie

“What Child is This”
from the trumpet next door /Nicholas

asleep on the doormat
the puppy moves paws
as if swimming /Veni

the mail is late again
in New Orleans /Juliet

one month
rings two moons
over the glistening river /Nancy

the diamond engagement ring
hidden in a walnut /David

restless again
you decide to leave
in autumn wind

first mother-daughter trip
to the OB-GYN /Nicholus

on the screen
of memory
my oldest pencil drawing/Veni

Trump loses the election
for the thirteenth time /Jennifer

through the vacation
the curing sun
empties Zoom classes /Nancy

a chili cheese hotdog
beneath a hungry ghost moon /David

in a paper bag
I carry shochu
to the library /Genie

an inscription on the title page
below the lipstick kiss /Nicolous

blind date again
he recalls every lesson
waiting in the dark /Veni

a dream of a Beatles song
woven into my mind /Jennifer

good exchanges
without masks
futures to imagine /Nancy

looking in the mirror
spring is here /Genie

the budding photographer
ask the blossoms
to smile /Nicolous

waking bees make a second crown
for the plum tree /David

‘Private~~a tanka

on my patio
grows a pinetree
a bamboo fence
keeps private all the sadness
I feel this long winter… Genie Nakano, 12/30/20

Alchemy is Real~~ a Renku–*

My haiku was part of an autumn renku which I have included in the reblog.

Genie Nakano

Photo: Jerry Wang

Renku or rengu is a traditional Japanese poetry form of linked verse composed of the collaboration of 2 or more poets. Each participant displays his wit by spontaneously composing a verse in response to the verse that came before”.

This renku was organized and moderated by Professor of English at Xavier University of Louisiana, David Lanoue. David was the the President of the Haiku Society of America 2013 – 2015. He is a writer of Haiku and Haiku novels. He maintains the Haiku Kobayashi Issa website where he has translated 10,000 of Issa’s haiku.

October 3, 2020

Ginkgo leaves
fluttering gold
alchemy is real

the dog barks at the moon
in another time
zone Nicholas

Autumn frost at dawn
climbing slowly
the window pain Veni

a bumpy airplane ride
back south Juliet

Black votes
don’t matter
says the governor David

I will set…

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