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Welcome to my Meditation, Yoga, and Zumba site…..

I was a dancer all my life. My most lucrative occupation was dancing as a Belly Dancer. I had a Belly Dance and Bollywood dance troupe and it was a blast. Then in 8/08/08 the opening day of the Olympics in China I had my first hip replacement. Sadly, I had to say goodbye to my Dance Troupe and dived into writing. I discovered haiku and tanka and here I am. I’ve written four books–Gentle Yoga, Enter the Stream (haibun), “Storyteller” (tanka)
and “Colorful Lives” (a tanka coloring book).
I have been practicing yoga since childhood with my mother who had Lupus and found yoga to be her life saver. For the past 40 years I have been teaching yoga and meditation. I developed a program of “Chair Gentle Yoga” for students who have balance issues or hip replacements, knee replacements and other issues. I teach Breath Meditation and Loving Kindness Meditation for relaxation and spiritual growth.
Below are a few photos. Please enjoy……

Genies yoga mission in life is to elevate, inspire and educate as many people as possible so that they can live their life to the fullest and most joyful potential.

teaching yoga in Sri Lanka in Theravada Temple, 2015?
teaching yoga in Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka, Colombo Buddhist temple
My Gentle Yoga class at Gardena Valley Japanese Cultural Institute in Gardena, CA
Me and Dr. Stella Robinson, 97 years old and still doin’ it 1/21/20
Schedule and prices of classes have changed. Please see updated revision.

4 thoughts on “Genie Yogini

  1. Chazz: thank you so much. When this Corona stuff is over let’s get together and do a Spokenword drum/percussion performance together. I do love to perform and speak. I am going to send you an invitation to follow my blog/web in a minute. I just started but I’d love to have you follow and you will get a poem a day.


  2. YOU ARE AN AWESOME SUPERSTAR – A JEWEL AMONG BEAUTIFUL PEBBLES …. i can travel through this website for days constantly finding new spiritual insights and opportunities to escape ! ! !


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