be positive.

I am in a stressful moment–many problems pending. . . Sunday meditation i see dominos falling one domino after another one worry after another blown away I sit up vacuum & sweep the floors Genie Nakano, June 12,2022

How to write Haiku 101: ID51286

a zoom class!! You can wear your pajamas. February 24, March 10, 2022, El Camino College Community Education (310) 660-6460, Learn the art of Haiku! Unlock your inner Zen, your sense of humor, and your depth of creativity, by learning to write, short-form wonders. In this 3-part workshop taught by author writer Genie Nakano,Continue reading “How to write Haiku 101: ID51286”

there are days like this…tanka series

there are days like this… the weatherhas changed to misty greysummerheld in check and global heatis swept under cover that is…until the fires sweep againstrange thingshappening to our air, waters, soilstirring doubts at tea parties why bear childrenin a world that won’t be aroundmuch longerso the prophets claim I still have hopeI guess–maybe–who careslet theContinue reading “there are days like this…tanka series”