Aliso Villager ~~a haibun & Cherita

under Aztec skiesa California sushi rollrocks I was born in Boyle Heights, California, Aliso Village Housing Projects. Aliso Village: 1942 – demolished in 1999 one of the most impoverished areas of Los Angeles – and considered one of the last remaining slums. Wikipedia (shrugs shoulders) We didn’t have computers and couldn’t afford a television. SoContinue reading “Aliso Villager ~~a haibun & Cherita”

Corona – Conversations with my Consciousness

Every time my lover Goes out the door I wonder Will he come back Safe and sound, with corona going around Conscience says… Don’t worry See the woman walking her dog outside Join her in her walk Your dogs are bored and listless See the crow hopping on the tree before a backdrop of blueContinue reading “Corona – Conversations with my Consciousness”


Womenover 70 should wear redbells on their anklesflowers in their hairwe are just beginning GEnie Nakano, August 28, 2021 Photo was taken by Rosie Sato. The event was for JCI. I danced and read my poetry and was accompanied by Joey on Sanshin, Gary Yano Bass and Congas. Those were the dance, 2016.

Acts 1, 2, 3… written by Genie Nakano at

Home   LanguageEnglish ACTS 1, 2, 3… GENIE NAKANOJUNE 20, 2018 ENGLISHPOETRY1 MIN READ   A good story …. if you love music–like I love music. Please press Bookmark   Rate this tanka prose     USER REVIEW 5 (2 votes) Acts 1, 2, 3… written by: Genie Nakano @genieyogini If I wereto write aContinue reading “Acts 1, 2, 3… written by Genie Nakano at”