First Rain

Raindrops . . . Embryos of life flowing from the sky. . . Implanting into Earth’s womb. Earth is ecstatic today . . . Twins bounce, triplets play, quadruplets march in 4/4 time Faster and faster until we cannot count the meter. . . Oh, Heaven and Earth unite today. . . Marry and penetrateContinue reading “First Rain”

A New World Sings

the train lost speed and just plain stoppedeveryone got off and stoodstaring at the tracks mother cowjumps over the old manin the moonmilk spills everywhereluna-tics start spraying silver bullets deep in the forestthings settle into a snoozewhile urban womenblare a new kind of musicyou’ve got to hear it… I can’t explain ityou just have toContinue reading “A New World Sings”

Acts 1, 2, 3… written by Genie Nakano at

Home   LanguageEnglish ACTS 1, 2, 3… GENIE NAKANOJUNE 20, 2018 ENGLISHPOETRY1 MIN READ   A good story …. if you love music–like I love music. Please press Bookmark   Rate this tanka prose     USER REVIEW 5 (2 votes) Acts 1, 2, 3… written by: Genie Nakano @genieyogini If I wereto write aContinue reading “Acts 1, 2, 3… written by Genie Nakano at”