Stay Healthy, Stay Safe — Yoga words with Genie Yogini

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Genie Nakano

“Genie Yogini”–Photo by Lurleine, 2010  How is everyone?? For the past 3 days I've been catching up on sleep. Yes, it's delicious. I usually get insomniacal whenever I get stressed. However for some strange reason I've been sleeping like a baby? So the "goodness" out of this time -- I'm rested. I've been making bread, the quick breads like Irish Soda Bread and Focaccia because the stores were out of yeast. Guess more people are staying home making bread Also, my husband and I are taking the dogs for walks more and making silly homestyle cell phone Yoga videos. I was writing many poems on the Corona Pandemic but now I've had enough. Going back to "stream of consciousness" and see what streams out. One not so "good" out of this time -- I'm sick of being called the "elderly". Before this pandemic began -- I was looking forward…

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Photo by Genie Nakano: Nike my Cat, died: 10/24/16

black cat
departs on a breeze
she left behind
scenes from another life
forest of tall trees


Bodhi dog
sits next to Nike cat
he licks her face
paws at her bed, moans
she is passing

each day weaker
she can hardly walk or stand
death never gets
any easier
no matter how hard I try

her tiny body
relaxed into my arms
not a whimper
not a cry
gently, gently, gone

Nike died, Oct. 24, 2016, 21 years old

Gentle Yoga Floor Stretches

Introducing my darling nieces and nephew -- Elizabeth Miki Nakano and Koen Sho Nakano. They brighten my life and I'm sure will add sunshine to yours.
These yoga stretches relieve stress, soften and strengthen back and core muscles. Get a stretch belt, put on comfortable clothing and join us in Gentle Yoga.

Hey there

You there,
take this gloom away
the sky is supposed 
to be blue, not grey

a dismal 
disappointing day
the social-distancing 
party cancelled
the host is sick
her stomach hurts
then next, the tearful news
my veterinarian
can't fix Toto 

You there, 
heal my dog Toto
he's been my friend 
for seventeen years
he has the right to live 
as long as me

the price we pay
for precious loyalty 
and unconditional love
       quickly robbed away

true love is so sweet
         true love doesn't last
                  true love breaks your heart

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