For you….

Photo by Chris F on
Photo by Chris F on
Photo by Chris F on
Climb aboard
my red feeder
thru all seasons
I am here for you

Genie Nakano, 4/28/22


Walking Elephant … Cherita

photo by Genie Nakano, Vernace, India 2005
up stone stairways

my knees don't want to climb
so many steps

slow and steady
I pause to breathe in the view
a procession of elephants walking

             Genie Nakano, April 7, 2022


a Healing~~tanka

Photo by Natalia Kolotvina on
the fragrance
of freshly mowed grass
summer in winter
a backyard barefoot walk
healing with each step

I tell myself
tomorrow will be good
today a present
in the mail, from me to me
spring green on silk chiffon

my doctors gone
for two whole weeks
I must call
my own powers
harness the sun and ride

get out
you demon of mortal pain
last night
we had a fight
I kicked you out the door.

Genie Nakano 3/19/14

I had an autoimmune disease that was flaring up back in the day. It is in remission but it was a tough fight. Thanks to Yoga, meditation and a compassionate doctor--I kicked it out the door.



Photographer: Jim Brewer of Genie Nakano

of smoke filled rooms,
beladi rhythms on tabla drums
heavy beaded crystal costumes
twirling into the night
we danced for seduction…
hungry for those hundred dollar tips.
Genie Nakano, March 12, 2022

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