Firebird~~a story of healing

Dancing in the night
Dancing in the dark
Dancing in the day
   Dancing in the light

My mother told me when I was three    
Firebird by Stravinsky was my song
with arms spread out in wings
spinning round and round and round
              I danced                   
until I fell to the ground
drunk with dizziness 

so I've danced all my
a religions that keeps me growing going
all stopped
when I inherited Mom's disease
it sunk into my joints
ate away my bones,
sockets,fingers and knees
no more walking straight ahead

screaming at the world
tapping with my cane
healers took my money...
"just take this potion
take this herb
this needle through your hips and knees
       don't trust doctors, just believe
you'll be fine again"

my husband sees 
but doesn't believe
we fight, I scream, we fight
no never, I won't give up
that is ...
until I see his tears
please believe in doctors please   
he says

I will   I do     I am
with two hip replacements
and western medicine
a yogini I dance again
no more gran jetes,
or drop down splits
yet still I move and dance
to salsa rhythms
as serotonin flows into my blood
75 ain't so bad

as I journey inwards
writing is my new love
deeper and deeper we share our words
maybe you and I can dance our poems
here’s my poem to you …
dance with me
our words, our voices
will be the musics
speak them loud and clear
press into each other
around into each other
London bridges
here we come
just a thought
just a daydream
maybe not
just a chance

why not

Genie Nakano, 1 22 23 10:23 AM

a tanka:

come dance with me
in the morning light
this is your only chance
the wind is at our heels
let’s leap above the gusts

genie nakano

Published by genienakano

I love writing--It's my joy, my therapy--my confession. I'm a performer, dancer, yoga and meditation instructor, write a poetry column for Rafu Shimpo. Growth and love of life is a key to my happiness.

4 thoughts on “Firebird~~a story of healing

  1. Thanks, Genie!  out of the loopI didn’t hear about it’til it was over~ch 02202023 No, I’m not lesdyxic! And I shouldn’t joke about it.But I like to joke about things because life can be so sad sometimes we’ve gotta laugh or we’d cry all day. And sometimes I do mix up what I see or hear. But a lot of my humor is poking fun at myself. Jewish humor calls it “playing the Schlemiel.” But I guess I am out of the loop, because I hadn’t heard about Linda Singer’s event,and have no clue when it is. But we have friends in West Covina and just went there for Chinese New Year last month. They have a great view of Mt Baldy from their backyard.  Maybe we could carpool, but if you live in South Bay or Torrance you have a long drive. I’m only about 15 miles to Covina. You could meet my wife, she’s Chinese.  Happy Presidents’ Day!  another holidaydon’t know what it’s forso I’ll just sleep in~ch 02202023 Not much of a dancer myself, but after a lifetime of sports, martial arts, and too much fun I have a body full of aches and pains that impact my health and sleep and attention.  Charles Harm


  2. Thanks. Are you going to Linda Singers event in Covina. If so let’s carpool Are you really dyslexic. I have some family that are and would like to learn how to make life easier for them.


  3. Thanks! Very nice. thought you were only 57 or sobut I’m dyslexic thought I was stillonly 21, until my wifesigned me upfor medicareguess that makes me 30? ~Charles Harmon


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