Loving Kindness Meditation

Photo: Genie Nakano, 2.20.20, “Gohonzon”, My mother and father’s photos are in the Gohonzon.

This is the Buddhist Loving Kindness Mantra we recite at our temple. Whenever need be I recite it to myself outloud or silently to myself. It works…..

Loving Kindness Mantra…..

May I be well, happy and free from suffering
May no harm come to me, may I be safe
May I have the courage, wisdom and determination
to meet and overcome inevitable problems and tragedies in life
May I be loving and kind.

Mantra for Mom and Dad

Father and Mother
crescent moon smiles
no more fighting
in another phase

May I be well, 
happy, peaceful
may I be free from 
harm and suffering
may I always love
Genie Nakano


the wind 
blowing through my hair 
there is so little time 
let's jump above the gust 
and dance with the wind.   
 Genie Nakano

This is the cover of book I wrote–a collection of tanka, “StoryTeller”. The photo was taken by Ed Ito in 1978–then I transformed it into a litho. This was done back in the day when everything was done in the darkroom. I cut out the moon on paper, the dots are glitter and the stars were sticky stars. I played in the darkroom until the sun came up.

In a dark room,
I play all night
Black and white photography–
magic in my hands.

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