Loving Kindness Meditation

Photo: Genie Nakano, 2.20.20, “Gohonzon”, My mother and father’s photos are in the Gohonzon.

This is the Buddhist Loving Kindness Mantra we recite at our temple. Whenever need be I recite it to myself outloud or silently to myself. It works…..

Loving Kindness Mantra…..

May I be well, happy and free from suffering
May no harm come to me, may I be safe
May I have the courage, wisdom and determination
to meet and overcome inevitable problems and tragedies in life
May I be loving and kind.

Mantra for Mom and Dad

Father and Mother
crescent moon smiles
no more fighting
in another phase

May I be well, 
happy, peaceful
may I be free from 
harm and suffering
may I always love
Genie Nakano
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