Photo: Genie Nakano, “Bodhi”
At night
our little black dog
snuggles between us
lies on his back
and snores loudly

snip, brush, snip
around his furry face
Bodhi loves it all
tilts his head way back
crooning to the moon

means, Buddha in training...'
they say all good dogs
go to heaven
I hope to meet him there
Originally published in "Colorful Lives", 2016

Akiko Yosano #2

Akiko Yosano, 1847- 1948, Japanese feminist tanka poet.
Akiko is my favorite tanka poet. Her tanka were bold, sensuous and controversial. Here is my tanka in honor of Akiko and below it are examples of her tanka from the book "Tangled Hair." They were chosen randomly. The book is excellent and has 165 of her tanka, notes and her biography.

wrote 50 tanka a day
I wonder
if she smoked 
and drank red wine

Softly I pushed open
That door
We call a mystery,
These full breasts
Held in both my hands

After my bath
At the hot spring,
These clothes
As rough to my skin
As the world

In love
And frail as the stem
Of this summer flower--
Yet will I bloom
Deep red under a dazzling sun!

Inside the coffin
Of my beautiful
The flowers
A riot of colors

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