Kaze from my book Storyteller

This is the cover of book I wrote–a collection of tanka, “StoryTeller”. The photo was taken by Ed Ito in 1978–then I transformed it into a litho. This was done back in the day when everything was done in the darkroom. I cut out the moon on paper, the dots are glitter and the stars were sticky stars. I played in the darkroom until the sun came up.
In a dark room, under a red light, I play all night. Black and white photography–magic in my hands.

The wind 
blowing through my hair 
there is so little time 
let's jump above the gust 
and dance with the wind.   
 Genie Nakano


Kwan Yin~ Golden Bamboo~~haiku

My bamboo has grown--the photo below is today and below below is current--you can see that the vines grew and the bamboo was Kwan Yins size now bamboo is way above her. whole wall is covered and it's growing growing.

Genie Nakano, 7.14.21

Photo: My back yard by Genie Nakano, 7.14.21

Golden Bamboo
above the walls we grow
summer heat

Photo: Genie Nakano, Kwan Yin in my Garden, 2.6/20

Kwan yin
stands poised in my backyard
a wall of
ficus grows behind her
purple flowers at her feet

her eyes cast down
in quiet meditation
an internal world
om mani padme hum.

in the quiet
of morning light
I look for you
to calm my eager spirit
sometimes you are hard to feel

a stone statue
where my hopes and dreams
are focused
loving kindness compassion
breaks hardness into softness

Kwan yin,
I know you are just an image
not real in terms of flesh
yet, deep within me
you are growing and alive
Genie Nakano, 1/18/20

Hello World:
Today I received the International Tanka Journal No. 8, 2020 from Japan. My tanka series, Kannon is on page 15. Very happy! Today the news declared Biden is our elected President. Very, Very happy!!!

*Kwan Yin, Bodhisattva, Avalokiteshvara

Trump is banned from entering the White house because
it's for-Biden"*.


Women in Red

This photo is from a summer performance in 2016. Joey Kamiya played Shamisen, Glen on Congas and Gary Yano on bass. Genie Nakano danced and read her poetry -- born in East L. A. "Orales Pues". August 29, 2021---celebrating 73 years.
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