Long Overdue

Photo by Baraa jalahej on Pexels.com
I sing upon a star
coyote near my side
earth trembles
with aches and growing pains
a birth long overdue
Genie Nakano
originally published in "Coloring In", 2016

Published by genienakano

I love writing--It's my joy, my therapy--my confession. I'm a performer, dancer, yoga and meditation instructor, write a poetry column for Rafu Shimpo. Growth and love of life is a key to my happiness.

2 thoughts on “Long Overdue

  1. Thank you John. Always nice to know someone actually reads my work. You never really know unless someone responds. I continue to write for my sanity. When is the next H.S. reunion??


  2. I enjoyed your poem and all your material you send. Keep it coming my friend.
    If you need to talk, please do call: 626-922-2677.


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