Loving Kindness Meditation

This is the Buddhist Loving Kindness Mantra we recite at our temple. Whenever need be I recite it to myself outloud or silently to myself. It works….. Loving Kindness Mantra….. May I be well, happy and free from sufferingMay no harm come to me, may I be safeMay I have the courage, wisdom and determinationContinue reading “Loving Kindness Meditation”

Kwan Yin~ Golden Bamboo~~haiku

My bamboo has grown–the photo below is today and below below is current–you can see that the vines grew and the bamboo was Kwan Yins size now bamboo is way above her. whole wall is covered and it’s growing growing. Genie Nakano, 7.14.21 Golden Bambooabove the walls we growsummer heat Kwan yinstands poised in myContinue reading “Kwan Yin~ Golden Bamboo~~haiku”