whisper your dreams into his ear then….tanka

five hundred years
desires whispered into stone ears
eyes blink wide open
lips blush into a smile

Genie Nakano

Best Friends written by Genie Nakano at Spillwords.com

Spillwords.com presents: Best Friends, a short story written by Genie Nakano – I was born in Boyle Heights, CA…known as the barrios of East L.A.

Source: Best Friends written by Genie Nakano at Spillwords.com

"Best Friends", is a "magic realism" story I wrote after my dog Charlie died of lung cancer. My best friends dog died of cancer shortly after Charlie.
Charlie the cocker spaniel, is the main character of the story. He is a philosopher and Shelby the red dog is his best friend. Originally posted on Spillwords.Com. Thank you Spillwords for supplying the image. It looks just like my dog Charlie.
Please click the source and it will take you to Best Friends. I have 50 other posts on Spillwords. It's a good place for poets to post. They promote your work all over the world.
The real My Charlie Nakano

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