He came in an autumn wind and stayed

This is my man

through crashes and bashes

drama and flight

it hasn’t always been a delight

but somehow, we make it

shake it and bake it

I have no books

no rules of the game

I’m a child from a broken home

I’m a dreamer

who watched the silver screens

no one told me

there’s more than the kiss

there’s doldrums and mold on the floor

sweep it up, keep it up

I promise it’s a deal

we’ve learned bliss is real

I don’t want to listen

to doctors’ advice

he’s only got a few more years

we live for the day

watch the sun taking glory

our little dog wag no tail

we hold hands in the dark

take walks in the park

listen to tales of beyond

I love this man

with little wings growing

a dragon who floats all around

Today is all I have

 that’s what he has to say

The world’s going to end anyway

the world’s going to end anyway

But I don’t agree

because you see

nothing ever stays the same

light into darkness and

form unto form

Once a macho man

now he understands

you do the dishes

I’ll make more wishes

it keeps going on this way

                                       Genie Nakano,

                                              September 16, 2021

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

Published by genienakano

I love writing--It's my joy, my therapy--my confession. I'm a performer, dancer, yoga and meditation instructor, write a poetry column for Rafu Shimpo. Growth and love of life is a key to my happiness.

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