Kaze from my book Storyteller

This is the cover of book I wrote–a collection of tanka, “StoryTeller”. The photo was taken by Ed Ito in 1978–then I transformed it into a litho. This was done back in the day when everything was done in the darkroom. I cut out the moon on paper, the dots are glitter and the starsContinue reading “Kaze from my book Storyteller”

Kwan Yin

Kwan yinstands poised in my backyarda wall of ficus grows behind herpurple flowers at her feet her eyes cast downin quiet meditationenteringan internal worldoum mane padme oum. in the quietof morning lightI look for youto calm my eager spiritsometimes you are hard to feel a stone statuewhere my hopes and dreamsare focusedloving kindness compassionbreaks hardnessContinue reading “Kwan Yin”