walking this earth~~ Dream haibun

Recently, I was in a haiku/workshop/convention. One workshops was about including dreams in haiku. Since I have a 40 year journey of writing my dreams down I finally found something to do with them. I wrote dreams down searching for answers in my 20’s and 30’s. I gave up on answers but continued writing them down. Now I’ve started up again. Deciding to make them into haibun. Let’s see what happens…

balmy daze … another dream

hot summer day august 20018 something monumental is about to happen
purple scraps of paper, lights, artist materials are scattered throughout a huge loft

I am poor in my 30’s enjoying life but not
not fulfilled always searching for something more than what I have

Now in my 70’s in summer heat again I make rice honey muffins with blueberries and nuts inside, finish a string of poetry but still not satisfied i blame it on my ailing dog
i blame it on my husband sleeping next to me

by the back door
tomorrow’s dream

Apologiesmay 19, 2021

looking out the morning –6 AM my dream is filled with apologies
tracking down the young man Alan 16 years younger than I, after he left me wanted me back– competed with Hideki and Hideki won–the year 1989.
the young man was a huge bully — as most men are because they are men …

my husband , Hideki had two strokes during covid–2020

so I will be a mother now, to bring out the father in my new born man

mother’s day
without a moon
i am the mo

flying dream…again June 19, 2021

In a huge hotel Las Vegas convention. I am teaching chair yoga to older frail white women 70 – 80 years. music playing i can’t stay put –i set down my phone/wallet on a side table. the walls turn into portable sliding walls –everyone moves to a different room. suddenly I fly my hair streaming in back people are amazed yet no one bothers me I can’t quite control where I’m going –difficult to navigate. I remember I left my phone/credit cards in the other room — maybe I should go back but it’s too difficult to navigate — oh well I ‘ ll keep flying I look young a vibrant ninja.

i can’t sit still
so I fly
viva las vegas

don’t know
where I’m going to
here I am

june 21, 2022, tuesday
Don, my second husband--for the first time he looks unappealing kind of nerdy. as always he is having an affair with another woman--this time she is not the usual glamor girl but a nerd. I can't understand why he chose her.

dream guy
anchors into

June , 2022
Someone is trying to kill me. I am wearing a dress with sandals. I don’t want to hurt my feet. I’m running away down railroad tracks…
to be continued with a haiku?

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I love writing--It's my joy, my therapy--my confession. I'm a performer, dancer, yoga and meditation instructor, write a poetry column for Rafu Shimpo. Growth and love of life is a key to my happiness.

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