Nothings Solid ~~free verse/tanka

Molecules spacing out
Wider, longer, deeper --
into air
light and sound go through me
I am invisible
yet I am here
can you hear me
like the wind
that can't be seen
only it's effects
the rustle of grass
leaves dancing in trees

inside me
a tsunami crashing
white rabbits
frolicking on the foam
nothing is solid

space wider, longer, deeper
I, no longer
a woman, a human
just space spacious space
beyond sky
spacing out...

Genie Nakano
October, 20017

Published by genienakano

I love writing--It's my joy, my therapy--my confession. I'm a performer, dancer, yoga and meditation instructor, write a poetry column for Rafu Shimpo. Growth and love of life is a key to my happiness.

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