“The Golden Fan of Menopause” A live video performance A tongue and cheek perspective of menopause. My Golden Fan made menopause a unique passage. The Golden Fan This was my favorite fan . . . during menopause. Whenever hot flashes would a rise — I’d stand up peacocked and wave a golden fan. TheContinue reading “”

Akiko Yosano #2

Akiko is my favorite tanka poet. Her tanka were bold, sensuous and controversial. Here is my tanka in honor of Akiko and below it are examples of her tanka from the book “Tangled Hair.” They were chosen randomly. The book is excellent and has 165 of her tanka, notes and her biography. Akiko wrote 50Continue reading “Akiko Yosano #2”

Kwan Yin

Kwan yinstands poised in my backyarda wall of ficus grows behind herpurple flowers at her feet her eyes cast downin quiet meditationenteringan internal worldoum mane padme oum. in the quietof morning lightI look for youto calm my eager spiritsometimes you are hard to feel a stone statuewhere my hopes and dreamsare focusedloving kindness compassionbreaks hardnessContinue reading “Kwan Yin”