Gentle Yoga #4 Our Hands-Healing Mudras

A short Haibun below the video–“Guardian” which explains how these mudras worked to heal my Rheumatoid arthritis. Gentle Yoga exercises and Mudras “Mohiniattam” for hands. Keep your hands supple, soft and strong. In 2012, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis. My hands were starting to be deformed. This is part of a haibun I wrote.Continue reading “Gentle Yoga #4 Our Hands-Healing Mudras”


I’m here on this great American holiday– Easter Buddhist– tho I am so didn’t make a ham made bread and Passion Fruit jam didn’t mean to rhyme just came out in time to be silly and nonsensical in this era of pandemonium tell me– will I be able to look back laugh this day awayContinue reading “Wise-Dome”