Meditation#9 Ancestors

the blood of my ancestors good, bad unconditional acceptance a miracle of forgiveness Thich Nhat Hahn, p. 25, from the book “Fear” “Fear”, is a book I am reading during this sometimes fearful time. I recommended whole heartedly. Also reading, Born a Crime. Both great books to uplift your spirits.

Quarantine Daydreams

sunbathing in the afternoon the birds are belting out songs did they always sing so loud? even New Delhi’s skies have a clear blue look this is what happens in quarantine… an afternoon fantasy starts to bubble where we go back in time five years is enough then we all know what we should doContinue reading “Quarantine Daydreams”


I’m here on this great American holiday– Easter Buddhist– tho I am so didn’t make a ham made bread and Passion Fruit jam didn’t mean to rhyme just came out in time to be silly and nonsensical in this era of pandemonium tell me– will I be able to look back laugh this day awayContinue reading “Wise-Dome”